Understanding SAP ERP Integration: A Guide to SAP TERP10 Certification

Understanding SAP ERP Integration: A Guide to SAP TERP10 Certification

The comprehensive SAP ERP package represents a complete ERP solution to cover the information system needs of different types of organizations. Smooth integration across various modules is one of its key strengths. People using SAP ERP need a solid grasp of the individual modules and of the points of integration across modules. This book provides an overview of several important modules with special emphasis on their integration. If you work for a organization that uses SAP, this book can help you to gain a rigorous overview. The SAP TERP10 certification examination tests for a good understanding of important modules and for a deep appreciation of their integration. People planning to take the TERP10 certification examination will find this book to be an invaluable supplment to the official certification materials. Specifically, they will find it particularly useful to read this book before tackling the official material. The book offers numerous review questions along with suggested answers. As such it will be a very useful resource as you prepare for the TERP10 examination. The book covers the following modules and their key points of integration: 1. Financial accounting 2. Management accounting 3. Procurement 4. Material planning 5. Manufacturing 6. Sales order management 7. Inventory and warehouse management 8. Enterprise asset management 9. Human capital management 10. Project systems

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