The Inspired Business Toolkit

The Inspired Business Toolkit

The Inspired Business Toolkit is 10 chapters of must-know business basics that work from a non-business mind. This toolkit is how Diane put her successful, inspired business together, piece-by-piece, learning what she needed along the way.

Each topic was selected on purpose. Each module is full of key concepts. Use this toolkit as you build your business puzzle. You will look for your right pieces, knowing that some are found quickly and others seem to be hiding in plain view.

What is included in
 The Inspired Business Toolkit besides inspiration, marketing, mindset and living your mission?

Case Studies: Watch for case studies, stories and quotes from real women who are right in the middle of the journey.

Templates: The templates provide a place to get clarity and thus make better decisions.

Lists: You will find both lists of information and checklists for you to fill out. There are 41 easy to use templates, checklists and forms.

Quizzes: Each quiz is focused on an area that might be impacting your business.

Information: Throughout the toolkit you will have definitions, tips, mind-set shifts, and observations from the path.

Resources: Diane loves books, websites, and any tool that can help her so she will be sharing all of those with you too.

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