Tesla’s strategy is a textbook example of how a company disrupts an entire industry and Elon Musk has proven that he is one of the greatest entrepreneurs of this generation.

10 years ago the outlook on the automotive industry was completely different. Tesla was a tiny company that was seen as a boutique venture. By applying a brilliant business strategy, Tesla managed to become one of the household names in the automotive industry around the world. Today, all of the large auto producers have turned their attention towards the electric vehicles niche, and there is little doubt that this is the future.

Tesla’s strategy is a video that examines several key topics:
– What enabled Tesla to become a larger autoproducer than the Ford Motor Company in just 10 years?
– Which are the key success drivers in the automotive industry
– How important are Tesla’s Mission and Vision statements
– Five forces analysis of Tesla and the elelctric vehicles industry

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