Strategic Planning Vision

Strategic Planning VisionAn organization’s vision is a statement of future aspirations. In other words, the vision statement includes a description of what the organization would like to become in the future—about 5–10 years out. Vision statements are typically written after the mission statement is completed. The organization needs to what their purpose is before they can figure out where they want to be in the future. However, mission and vision statements are often combined, and therefore, in many cases, it is difficult to differentiate one from the other.

In such cases, the vision statement usually includes two components: a core ideology, which is referred to as the mission, and an envisioned future, which is what is referred to as the vision per se. There are a few features required of useful vision statements. First, it should focus attention on what is most important, and thus, eliminate unproductive activities. Second, it provides a context from which to evaluate new external opportunities and threats.

Good vision statements make employees feel good about their organization’s direction and motivate them to help achieve the vision. Whereas the mission statement emphasizes the present, the vision statement emphasizes the future.