Dr. Randall Mauldin discusses the importance of creating an effective action plan as part of the strategic planning process. Supply Leaders Academy offers an effective and affordable online learning system for supply leaders, procurement professionals, and mid-level managers who want to accomplish more with less frustration.

Visit http://www.SupplyLeadersAcademy.com for a FREE analysis of your leadership style. Supply Leaders Academy believes that the ultimate definition of a supply leader is simple: A supply leader is someone who creates long-term solutions by having strategic vision and the ability to influence others with certainty of purpose and inspiration. A supply leader has the strategic vision to generate profits through cost savings and continuous improvement throughout all links in the supply chain. With the greatness that lies within them, they enable the team to consistently increase profitability by finding opportunities within the supply chain that are normally overlooked as inconvenient procedures that slow down operations. By inspiring themselves and others to do, be, give, and become more focused on providing more value than they ever thought possible, Supply Leaders create more leaders throughout the supply chain. When faced with challenges, supply leaders defy the odds, find a way, and create opportunities.
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