Stopgap Agreement: A Free Partnership Agreement Template With a Twist | Business Partnership Mastery

Stopgap Agreement: A Free Partnership Agreement Template With a Twist | Business Partnership Mastery

Grab your Partnership Agreement template here:

Stopgap Agreement is not a sexy name, but my custom version of a templated founders’ agreement addresses a very real issue that I witness founders confront the consequences of regularly.

That is, the problem of not having a proper partnership agreement because they couldn’t afford one when they started, or, potentially more damaging, having opted for a cheap, off-the-shelf option from a legal document template site (we won’t name names but a popular one rhymes with Seagull Room, which often has great forms but isn’t the right option for complex, custom agreements).

I talk more about the details of this templated agreement in this video, but, so you get the gist, this agreement covers five crucial aspects of any business partnership:

– Who the founders are
– Project scope
– Economics (equity split)
– Control (who has how much say, governance, etc.)
– Most importantly, a provision to upgrade this agreement at some point in time

So, take a look at this week’s video and let me know what you think!

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Inspired by the content in my book, Partner-Proofing Your Partnership, I will touch and expand on the primary concepts I fleshed out in that short read which you can find here:


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