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Not all businesses are created equal. The guys that started Airbnb, or the guys that started Slack- set out to build a multi-billion dollar company that would IPO or get acquired for an insane amount of money.
Those are the entrepreneurs that we (mostly) hear about, and that we look up to, and that’s fine. Who doesn’t want to build a business that transforms the work?
But the story of how they built their businesses doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. Not all businesses are Amazons. Not all businesses are Facebooks or Twitters.
While these companies started in garages and dorm rooms, they were able to raise multiple rounds of venture capital (mostly from Silicon Valley investors) and were able to fuel their exponential growth because they were tackling an insane marketing opportunity- with a new, nonexistent or highly innovative approach.
The problem we often see is that many small businesses try to follow the exponential-growth-VC-funded approach, simply because it’s the stuff that we hear about, and we assume ‘that’s the way things work.’ It’s not.
I like to draw a line here- between the blockbuster, unicorn- Silicon Valley-type of startup, and the smaller startup, the company that could become a -20 or even million company. There are different rules for each one of them: from fundraising, type of investors, recruiting team, and co-founders…
Terminology is confusing here. They are both startups. They are both small businesses, at some point.
This video is about the main differences between starting a small business vs. starting a startup.
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How to start a business with 1000 dollars or less. Now a thousand dollars is enough to create a 5-7 figure business per month depending on the type of business you decide to make.

So in this video im going to give you guys 5 business you can start today with 1000 or less.

Main Focus: Takes 1k to start, Make a lot of money and can be started today

5 Business Ideas You Can Start with 1000 (Can Start Tomorrow)

Remember all the start Cost: Are deductable from the profits of your business.

1. Web Development
Story: My college professor was a web developer and offered to make me a website for 5k, and he literally thought that was cheap. Little did he know I was broke at the time.

– MacBook Air: 9 bucks ( discount 799) Usual Price 1,099
Plus 0 dollar discount when you click on no Rush Shipping
Link Mac:

– Microsoft Surface computer 1000gigs and i7 Cpu and 16gb of ram (1,037.99 but when you get an amazon credit card you get a discount plus 5% cashback, total cost 5
Link Surface:

Internet: – 80 bucks currently (I would recommend Starbucks buts not reliable enough)
– But you could go to an amazon work area for free and get fast internet

Course or Class (if you have no experience )
Cost: 0 – 00
Or free by watching some YOutube tutorials
Currently Taking a course by Ben Adkins and Nick Usborne ( can’t recommend yet though)

Profit: -100$ on Upwork per hour
Fiverr: 400-2500 per Job

2. Certified Accountant ( no Bachelor Degree )

Cost of Certification
EA: Enrolled Agents ( certificate giving by the IRS, if you have this them you know US taxation
– You can sign tax returns and represent client in front of the IRS
– No bachelours degree ( however it is a 12-hour test )
Cost: 00 buck average

CIA ( Certified Internal Auditor) it’s a certificate for auditors
– No degree needed and the exam 6.5 hours
– 00 bucks average ( open a business account and get the bonus)

Other Cost:
LLC formation ( free since you’ll be an Accenting, just the filing fee)
How to get an LLC for free video:

Tax Returns Personal: .76 dollars per hour or more
Audit CIA: 38k-46k salary

3. Matchmaking for Business
Story: its like Tinder but for business, example sometimes business need experts to help them with task and don’t know where to look. Well if you connected them with the expert for a fee, then you’re business.

Laptop: Solid laptop Less than 1k
Website: Build your own for free and host for 7-10$ a month
Marketing Skills: read books or invest in a course
Business Niech knowledge: Research business for free

5-7 figure business Model:
If you have a contract with the business and get the experts on 1099, they’ll request your services and cut you a fee

Example Site:

Story: I was working for a temp agency once: and they were making usually
50% so if you’re making an hour the temp agency could be making 10$ also. For getting you the gig

4. Travel Expert
Story: If you love travelling and know different tricks to traveling for free and getting the best deals through rewards and so on this could be for you.

Laptop: Less than 1k
Website: Less than 10$
Flights optional: free or Paid

Profit: Depends On Traffic
Blog Revenue
PDF revenue
Consulting Revenue
Affiliate marketing revenue

Tip: Create Content around your trips to attract customers

Example Website:

5. Life Coach ( yes you heard that correctly)
Story: Imagine getting paid to help someone achieve goals while you’re In your underwear. But seriously you can become a life coach a certified one and charge money to help people.

Certification Ranges from – 1500 dollars or more
Laptop and internet

Profit: Low tear make between 5.29 per hour all the way up to .39 per hour

Tip: Join an agency I think the larger agency currently is Couacfederation or ICF today.






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