ROI from CRM: It’s about sales process, not just technology

ROI from CRM: It's about sales process, not just technology

In this book, author Brian Gardner taps his decades of industrial sales experience to provide simple yet effective strategies for getting the most from customer relationship management. Learn how to approach CRM as a system for sharing and leveraging data throughout your business and to gain a competitive edge in the market with a revamped sales process and engaged team.

With this book, you’ll learn:

  • Common reasons that CRM fails – and how you can avoid them
  • Why CRM should be viewed as a revenue generator, not a cost
  • Why limiting CRM to outside sales will cause you to miss out on half its value
  • How to identify and fill gaps in your business using Gardner’s results-driven Sales Process Review and CRM Roadmap Matrix
  • How to break old habits and get your team on board with CRM

The most critical time in the pursuit of sales is between the opportunity and quote stages – between the front and back ends of the sales cycle. Whether you already have CRM or are just starting on the journey, this book will give you the tools to successfully navigate the sales process from lead to close with CRM.

ROI from CRM: It’s about sales process, not just technology

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