Project Management Methodology & Templates

Project Management Methodology & Templates

  • Manage Your Projects Step-by-Step
  • Get a Complete Project Management Methodology
  • Includes 50+ Project Management Templates
  • As well as 33 Project Examples
  • Comes with a FREE Project Roadmap!

An entire Project Management Methodology in a box! If you want to manage projects from start-to-finish, then MPMM will help you. Its a powerful step-by-step Project Management tool set that gives you everything you need to manage projects at your finger tips.

It explains how you undertake a project iby following a simple, straight forward process, so that you know what you have to do at every step in the journey.

In addition to the methodology, it includes the complete suite of Project Management Templates you need to save time on projects. Each template includes tips and hints, to guide you in the right direction.

MPMM also comes with a set of practical project management examples to that you can see how others have followed the methodology to achieve project success..

As well as the methodology, templates and practical examples, MPMM comes with software that allows you to create customised methodologies of your own. You can import all of your existing templates and merge them with the MPMM content so that you can create a customised methodology that suits you.

Organisations such as NASA and Microsoft use it to ensure that everyone on the team follows the same project steps, and Project Professionals also use to give them clear direction so that they know what has to be done in order to deliver the project on time.

Used by more than 1 million Project Managers around the planet, MPMM has become the World-wide benchmark for Project Management.

Project Management Methodology & Templates


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