Project Management – ACCA Strategic Business Leader (SBL) Paper

Project Management – ACCA Strategic Business Leader (SBL) PaperGet the whole ACCA SBL Course on Udemy:

Dr. Constantine ‘Dino’ Kiritsis from StudySmart presents the topic of Managing a Project as part of the ACCA’s SBL (Strategic Business Leader) Paper.

This video is a Mini Project Management course on the “basics of project management”. It includes what projects are, their constraints, the role of the project manager, the business case, the PID, the lessons learnt, the tools Project Managers use and other important points to help you understand the topic towards preparing for the exam.

Award winning Curriculum Development Expert, Entrepreneur, founder of StudySmart and professional trainer Dr. Constantine “Dino” Kiritsis has prepared a series of videos helping students understand the content of Business Models for Business School and Professional Qualifications candidates on MBA, ACCA – SBL – Strategic Business Leader, CIMA (Strategic & Management Cases) and other courses. For more,