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Hack5 Solutions – Codename:ORBIT (Unleashed 2016 entry)

The concept of our project is to build a whole-of-government ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) framework with a strong emphasis on an analytics and simulation engine. Every Federal govt. faces strategic challenges, such as Gender Inequality, Health, Agriculture, Crime Reform, Education Drop Outs, Infrastructure and Unemployment. These govt. challenges are cascaded to a state and local council level.

Our project, at its core, will support policy and decision makers to make informed decisions using projected outcomes drawn using historic/current data, algorithms and parameters defined/refined by subject matter experts. It will significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state and local services.

The public interface of our system will allow taxpayers to monitor the allocation of funds for particular initiatives and understand the motives. Our framework will also improve the overall transparency, visibility and accountability of the utilisation of taxpayers’ money.

Analyse, simulate and make informed decisions!

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