Matching Top 3 Luxury Watches & Fragrances – Jeremy & Charlie Go at It!

Matching Top 3 Luxury Watches & Fragrances – Jeremy & Charlie Go at It!With a packed house at our Downtown Miami boutique, Jeremy Fragrance & our very own Charlie pair 3 of the best fragrances for men/women with high end watches.

Jeremy is the biggest fragrance YouTuber on the planet, who runs his own ultra-successful and popular line of perfumes and colognes by the name of Fragrance One.

During a full meet-and-greet event at the CRM Jewelers showroom, Jeremy explained to Charlie what each of his main fragrances were for, Office, Date, and Night. Then Charlie went ahead and made recommendations of different luxury watch models that could be paired with each fragrance.

The interesting choice of watches included pieces from both Rolex and Audemars Piguet, but when we were about to shoot the thumbnail for this video near the end, Carlos popped up with an extremely interesting piece that we just purchased: an extremely fragile and expensive $450,000 black ceramic Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel Openworked. Please don’t drop the watch Carlos!!!

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