Lessons I've Learned from 10 Years of Strategic Planning

Lessons I've Learned from 10 Years of Strategic PlanningOn this 75th episode of the Strategy & Leadership Podcast, SME Strategy’s own Managing Partner and lead facilitator Anthony Taylor will be sharing some of his biggest lessons and learnings from 10 years doing strategic planning.

2:17 about Anthony and his background
4:00 clients he’s worked with
5:18 history of the podcast
7:40 why you need more than just a plan
10:47 the process of leading a strategic plan
13:18 the struggle with goal setting
15:37 tracking a strategic plan
17:05 pushing vs. pulling a strategy
19:35 actually executing a strategy
21:54 what he’s learned about communication
23:09 values & behaviours as the gateway of performance
26:16 lots of unclarity within organizations
29:34 getting people where they want to go
32:00 having systems to support yourself
34:36 the mission for the future
36:42 keys to virtual strategic planning
37:42 summary

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