Learn SAP FICO in 1 Day: Definitive Guide to Learn SAP FICO ERP

Learn SAP FICO in 1 Day: Definitive Guide to Learn SAP FICO ERP

Real-time financial information helps the organization to take important decisions. SAP FICO is a complete financial management ERP solution that integrates the accounting side of business. Most SAP consultants find difficult how and what part of the business process they should bring under SAP FICO.  This e-book can actually act as a demo for them, where they will learn to integrate the important business module into SAP FICO.

This e-book is intentionally prepared small to keep it simple and straight to the point. The book did not miss on any of the SAP FICO topics like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Bank Accounting, General Ledger, Asset Accounting, and so on. The book has given a practical example and explained them step by step. The example teaches you each SAP FICO module in detail including how their transaction code works.

Not only SAP consultant but any beginners will be benefited with this book. Where company demands experienced SAP consultant to handle their finance, this book could be a first handon experience for SAP aspirant. This e-book has also given a referral to some basic accounting concept and terminologies to help beginners.

Where online training or courses charges you the hefty amount for teaching you the same, and no guaranteed returns. This book can help you to reduce that cost.  This e-book is an ultimate guide to learn SAP FICO.

Table Content

Chapter 1: Organizational Structure

Create Financial Statement Version

How to perform a Journal Entry Posting

Chapter 2: General Ledger

Fiscal Year Variant

Assign Company Code To Fiscal Year Variant

Define Posting Period Variant

Opening And Closing Posting Periods

Define Field Status Variant And Field Status Group

Assign Field Status Variant To Company Code

Document Type And Number Ranges

Post With Reference

Hold Document

Park Document

Chapter 3: Accounts Receivable

Create a Customer Master Data

Change Customer Documents

How to Display Changes in Customer Master

How to Block or Delete a Customer

Create Customer Account Group

One Time Customer

How to post a Sales Invoice

Document Reversal

Sales Returns – Credit Memo

How to Post Incoming Payment

How to post a Foreign Currency Invoice

Incoming Partial Payments By Residual Method

Incoming Partial Payments By Partial Payment Method

How to Reset AR Cleared Items

Credit Control for the Customer

Chapter 4: Accounts Payable

How to Create a Vendor

How to Create a Vendor Account Group

How to Display Changes in Vendor Master

How to Block or Delete a Vendor

Create Vendor Master Data

One Time Vendor

Purchase Invoice Posting

Purchases Returns – Credit Memo

Outgoing Payments

Foreign Currency Vendor Invoice

How to Post Withholding Tax During Vendor Invoice Posting

How to Post Withholding Tax During Payment Posting

Outgoing Partial Payments By Residual Method

Outgoing Partial Payments By Partial Payment Method

Reset AP Cleared Items

Automatic Payment Run

How to Map Symbolic Account to G/L Account

Posting Rounding Differences

Chapter 5: Important Stuff

Important Reports in SAP FI

Month End Closing – Foreign Currency Revaluation


How to Maintain Exchange Rates

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Correspondences in SAP

Chapter 6: Cost Center

Create Cost Center

Post to a Cost Center

All About internal Order

Settlement Of Internal Orders To Cost Centers

Profit Center

Postings To Profit Center

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