Is Bubble good for CRM Apps? (Customer Relationship Management – like Zoho, Salesforce, etc)

Is Bubble good for CRM Apps? (Customer Relationship Management – like Zoho, Salesforce, etc)If you could spend a dollar to make 10, would you do it?

In the CRM sector — aka customer relationship management — that’s typically what happens…

Stats show that for every dollar spent on a company’s CRM app, they made nearly 10 back.

With that type of return, it’s no surprise CRM software is currently one of the fastest growing markets out there.

But what exactly is a CRM app?

It’s actually pretty simple…

Customer relationship management software does things like:

-Store, manage, and track contacts, subscribers, leads, or customers
-Guide those contacts, leads, or customers through sales funnels or projects
-Visually track and manage the progression of leads through a pipeline
-Keep subscribers, users, customers, contacts, etc engaged via email newsletters
-And so much more

A CRM app is basically a way to manage any interaction your business has with customers (or people who could eventually become customers).

Think about apps like ActiveCampaign (this is the app we use), Zoho, Salesforce, or even Pipedrive.

Each of these apps has CRM features that make it easy for businesses to make data-driven decisions…

And more importantly…they help those businesses grow.

It’s clear why this app market is booming…

CRMs offer the perfect way to make sound investments for businesses looking to streamline their processes and make smart, actionable decisions.

The question is, can Bubble handle CRM apps and common (but customized) CRM-like features?

Watch this video to see what we’ve learned after working with countless CRM apps ourselves, plus how those lessons can apply to your own app.


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