Inventory, Invoicing, Accounting & Reporting for Rental Business – Excel Template Tour

Inventory, Invoicing, Accounting  & Reporting for Rental Business – Excel Template TourWelcome to the tour video of the rental business manager excel template in this video I will go through each of the sheets in the template and give you an overview of how the template works. Download Template:

We begin in the settings sheet there is a list of instructions that you can use to follow how to use this template and it’s very easy. However, there is also detailed documentation and video demos and everything in the support page so please visit the support page for more information on this template

Settings Sheet: We enter the business information such as address and email address etc. Then we have categories of our assets so imagine that we are in a Furniture Rental or a rental business which rents furniture and dining items like spoons and forks and everything for parties so in such a scenario we want to categorize our assets and this helps in multiple ways which we will see in this template but in this example

Assets Sheet: We enter list of our assets or products here, along with information about assets.

Customers Sheet: We enter list of our customers here, along with information about customer.

Order Headers: We enter Order header information such as order date, rent out date, return date, customer name, etc. associated with the order.

Order Details: We enter specific asset names being rented, the unit price, any discount, quantity being rented, etc.

Calendar: We can view the availability of assets for any 31 days window, for all the assets in a calendar view.

Invoice: We can create an on-demand invoice for any order by just typing order number. The invoice can be customized and the fields displayed can be modified easily. We can print or export to PDF.

Report: We can view current inventory status as well as accounts receivable here. In addition, an interactive 5 page report is automated, giving insights into key business metrics, monthly trends, best performing assets and customers.

Expenses: Enter operational expenses here.

Add ore Retire Assets: We can easily add or retire assets from our business.

The purpose of this template is to help manage rental business. The template incorporates order management, inventory management, finance management, invoice generation, data management, and extensive reporting all into one solution.

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