How to write a Project Charter – Business Plan for Projects 【Excel Template】

How to write a Project Charter – Business Plan for Projects 【Excel Template】The most important work in the Define Phase of DMAIC is making a Project Charter. In this episode, You can learn how to write a Project Charter while watching the actual creation screen in a Project Charter Excel template. You can download the Project Charter Excel template by clicking a link below in this description. In order to complete your Project Charter, just consider these points: Why do you have to do this project? What will you do in the project? What are its purpose and goal? By when will you complete it? Who will manage the project? Writing all of these clarifies your project. You should write all those down on paper. You will review this document when you make a plan, when you get stuck, or when you want to check whether you’ve achieved all the objectives before the end of the project. It is not exaggeration to say that this one piece of paper is the most important document among all the project documents.
If you proceed with your project without the completion of this paper, you may lose the original purpose, take it beyond its budget or extend the completion date. In the worst case, your project will fail. You may not need to make it if a project will end in a week, but the longer the project term is, the better it is to write a Project Charter.
(Process Improvement Methodology for Service Operations, PMP, Project Management, Lean Six Sigma Japan, Six Sigma, Excel, VBA: Episode 12)

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