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You’re starting a business. You need a business plan. But it sounds so overwhelming. It’s a huge document, it’s going to take months to finish—stop right there.

You can write a business plan in less than an hour.

We call it Lean Planning and the point is just to get your business down on paper.

Business planning is proven to help your business grow 30% faster.

In this video you’ll learn about lean planning, the sections of a lean plan, and what to include.

The sections of a lean plan:

1. Value proposition
2. Market need
3. Your solution
4. Competition
5. Target market
6. Sales and marketing
7. Budget and sales goals
8. Milestones
9. Team
10. Partners and resources
11. Funding needs

Ready to create your Lean Plan?

Download our free Lean Plan Template to help get you started:

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