How to Start a New Business With No Money: Tips for Entrepreneurs

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What if I started a new business today? How would I approach it?

Let’s run a scenario- Slidebean, the presentation platform I started in 2014 disappears today. Our AI design system disappears, our SEO, our users, our revenue, and our team. Also, this Youtube channel.

In this alternative Universe, I’m left with my personal Youtube channel, which is still tiny, last paycheck, plus I’m the only person in the world that remembers Slidebean, which means I have no credibility as a founder. All I have left is my experience.

How do I start a new business?

0:01 How to start a new business
0:43 The business idea
2:20 Find a Business idea
2:29 The co-founder
3:24 Kick-off
4:33 Traction and de-risking
5:09 Seek funding
06:05 What comes next?

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