How To Start A Local Delivery Business 2020

How To Start A Local Delivery Business 2020In todays video, I will be showing you how you can set up your very own Local Delivery Business in 2020. Setting up a Local Delivery Business is a great way to start earning some cash, and you can transition this in to a full time income.

00:00:00 – 00:01:26 Intro & Essentials to start
00:01:27 – What I’ll be showing you in the tutorial
00:02:12 – Purchasing hosting
00:04:42 – Installing an SSL certificate (securing your website)
00:06:19 – Installing WordPress on to your website
00:07:29 – Overview of WordPress
00:10:20 – Downloading the FREE Local Delivery Template
00:11:02 – Importing the free theme
00:13:54 – Resetting WordPress password after import (IMPORTANT)
00:14:55 – Re-installing SSL Certificate (only if necessary/ your padlock isn’t showing)
00:15:37 – Site Overview
00:19:43 – How to edit your website with Elementor
00:26:49 – How to edit your website footer
00:28:10 – Installing Delivery Booking plugin
00:31:13 – Creating Employees and Delivery Services
00:38:56 – Adding custom labels to your Delivery Services (CRUCIAL)
00:53:10 – Setting up payments, Stripe & Paypal
00:59:58 – Looking at backend delivery bookings
01:01:54 – Setting up customer notifications
01:04:44 – Using the calendar
01:05:25 – Assigning your website to your email (VERY IMPORTANT)
01:06:52 – Refunding customers via Stripe & Paypal apps
01:08:26 – Breif marketing overview

Thank you for watching, like the video, share it with a friend who wants to start a Local Delivery Business and good luck with setting up your own!

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