How to start a business in 2020

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2020 caught most of us off guard. A seemingly booming economy now seems to be headed towards a recession, which will inevitably leave a lot of people unemployed across many industries. More importantly, 2020 is likely to represent one of the most essential ‘resets’ the economy will go through. This instability, this chaos, is a ladder; for witty entrepreneurs to find opportunities, to create or evolve their business and monetize this revolution. Thousands of jobs will be affected or disappear at all, and the world will need us to develop new ones. In this video, we are going to focus on how approaching a new business is different these days, and how to navigate the murky waters of the 2020 economy.

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Understanding what kind of business you have – 1:43
Getting started – 3:14
The team – 5:29
Next steps – 7:03
Is it possible to raise capital in this financial crisis? – 8:26
Other tools when starting a business – 11:38


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