• Screens designed for fast data entry.
  • Data backup and restore capability built in.
  • Print forms and checks.
  • Affordable accounting system for home based small business!
  • PC: Windows 3.1/95/98/ME (not tested on 2000 or XP but should work)

Whether you are self-employed, starting a new business or setting up accounting for a small business this accounting package is for you. CompuWorks Accountant includes all the necessary integrated modules for all your accounting needs. GENERAL LEDGER: Features user defeined charts of accounts, journal entry option, interface with accounts recievable, account activity report, trial balance, balance sheet and income statement. INVOICING/ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE: Features: Unlimited number of clients, invoices, service codes and message codes. Automatic sales tax and GST calculation. Automatically updates stock and inventory levels. Review, edit or print saved invoices. Revenue journal. Payment received report. Statements and aging reports. Customer data sheet, inventory history reports and labels. CHECKBOOK/VENDORS: Features: Unlimtied number of vendors. Unlimited number of checks, deposits and adjustments. Split checks to multiple accounts. Bank reconcilliation. Vendor data sheet, check register and unposted check journal. INVENTROY: Features: Unlmited number of inventory items. Use numbers or character product codes. Track quantities in stock. Adjust stock levels. Crate product list reports. CompuWorks Accountant also includes advanced payroll features such as FICA and medicaer splits, tax exemptions and more. You can be up and running creating professional invoices in under 5 minutes!

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