Learn what it means to be a good or a bad project manager.

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Video Summary:
1:26 – Be Motivated
4:02 – Plan And Adjust
5:22 – Break It Up Into Smaller Pieces
6:06 – Have An Accountability Partner
6:58 – Have A Team

We all have a long list of unfulfilled aspirations.

A graveyard of unfinished projects.

Unsuccessful ventures like white-washed tombstones with unflattering epilogues.

‘Here lies the draft for an unfinished book.’

‘Buried here is a business idea that never materialized past a plan.’

‘May the soul of this unfinished degree rest in peace.’

No one starts a project expecting it to fail. And yet – a majority of our ideas, assignments, programs fall by the way-side because we underestimated the effort required to see them materialize in completion.

What’s on your plate today that will inevitably end up in the heap of unfinished aspirations?

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