Ebi’s Visual Guide: Zoho CRM User Guide

Ebi's Visual Guide: Zoho CRM User Guide

This book gives you a general overview of a basic Zoho CRM setup. When you complete the book, you will have a good understanding for the structure of Zoho CRM in both the desktop and mobile applications, as well as the business card scanner mobile app. With this information you will be able to navigate Zoho CRM and clearly understand how the desktop and mobile applications are structured.This book can be used as a User Guide for users of Zoho CRM at your company in contrast to administrators. The types of staff who could use this book as a user guide would be the sales and marketing team as well as the invoicing team.As a next step after this book, use the Administrator’s Guide to learn simple techniques to customize your CRM. But in this book, you will get a very clear understanding for how CRM is set up and you will be able to determine how to use CRM within the structure in which it was designed to match your company’s needs.

Ebi’s Visual Guide: Zoho CRM User Guide

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