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Here are some questions I get about Business Analysts:

– What is the difference between a business analyst and a data analyst?
– What is the job description of a business analyst?
– What is the role of a business analyst?
– Can you tell me about a Business Analyst Vs a Data Analyst?
– What does a business analyst do?
– Is there a high demand for business analysts?
– How much money does a business analyst make?
– What is the salary of a business analyst?

If you are in the business world you need to be developing these skills in order to add value to your portfolio, get a job, and keep your job in the future…

Analytics is all the rave right now in nearly ever industry. When it comes improving services, products, or safety there is nothing more valuable than raw data. Data tells the truth when everyone else is manufacturing their own hyped out reality. Truth is what makes Data so sexy. In a world filled with plastic surgery, online dating profiles, and the perfect Instagram life it is no wonder that people are starving to get some cold hard facts when making crucial business, agriculture, education, finance, and transportation decisions.

Data also empowers the consumer. No longer are we left believing anything and everything we see absent of any sustainable evidence. We are now empower to say, show me the data! We have the ability to hold industries accountable for the decisions that they are making. These decisions effect our lives. Companies are going to have to become more responsible or we, as the consumers, have the ability to shut them down. If we find that their data doesn’t match their promise no amount of advertising can cover up fact based truth.

Data is important. We have that covered. It informs us, hold companies accountable, and fuels better decision making. There is a lot of talk around the best job/career in data analytics. Where can you get the best pay, fulfilling work, longterm job security, great benefits, etc… Although I can’t be definite on all of these questions I will give you some data to help you on your decision making process. In this article we will be looking at the role of a BA – Business Analyst.

The Demand for Business Analysts?

First and foremost I am sure your biggest concern with the role of a business analyst…are they in demand?

They are…in fact Glassdoor listed 138,000 job listings for Business Analyst, compared to the 6,500 Data Analyst job listings.

What are the facts? Well when it comes to becoming proficient in the Business Analyst sector there is massive variety of applications for analytics skills. Marketing, finance, banking, mortgaged backed securities, advertising, to name just a few. This means when you are becoming a business analyst there are many areas to suit your specific expertise. The reason there are so many varieties of analytics positions in the business sector coincides with the variety of current job positions. Take almost any job description on glassdoor, ad data analytics to it, and you have a new job opportunity.
What is the Role of a Business Analyst?

The demand is high for Business Analysts. Now, how can you become a business analyst and land a new job as soon as possible? The answer to this question lies within your current business proficiency. What sets apart a Data Analyst from a Business Analyst is their expertise. Business Analysts have an existing skill set (within the business sector). They are currently (or in school to become) advertisers, financial planners, bankers, marketers, etc… By adding data analytics skills to their portfolio they open up opportunities for themselves in data specific jobs.

What will you actual be doing everyday at work as a Business Analyst?

Alright, so you want to know the cold hard truth. Will you enjoy your job or want to scratch your eyes out? That is al a matter of perspective, preference, and purpose.

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