Client Manager [link to download the program, without CD]

Client Manager [link to download the program, without CD]

  • The program will help you to keep track of your customers. You can enter different information about each customer, such as personal data, customer addresses, contact and bank details. There are also fields for adding additional information in the program.
  • Operating System: Windows
  • System Requirements: Java
  • Multiuser Program Principle

This product contains activation code and instruction on program downloading (without CD).

Creating Documents: The program will allow you to facilitate the routine work on creating accounts and keeping records of them. You can also create any documents. Some types of documents are already predefined in the program, for example: offer, order confirmation, reminder, etc. In the program settings you can add your own HTML documents to display them.

All accounts and documents can be saved in PDF format and printed.

All tables in the program can be easily and simply customized by the user.

Multiuser Program Principle

Statistics: The program provides detailed statistics on all attributes of customers, accounts and documents in the form of charts, diagrams and tables. At the same time, the statistics setting you have chosen is saved and will be displayed when you open the program again.

Client Manager [link to download the program, without CD]

List Price: $ 24.90


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