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Business Plan Software Template BizPlanBuilder – Business plan template software: BizPlanBuilder® is the latest update in business planning software apps and online.

Using BizPlanBuilder, you can write a professional quality business plan quickly and efficiently using Biz Plan Builder’s organized system of sample business plan templates in Microsoft® Word, flexible Excel financial models, and PowerPoint presentation template.

Business plan software system ruggedized for bootstrapping…
What impresses investors most is how much you can accomplish with little money. BizPlanBuilder is the only business planning software that guides you to maximize your business without funding. Then, to raise $5,000 to $50 million, or to organize your growth strategy, BizPlanBuilder will help produce a multi-purpose, investment-grade business plan quickly and efficiently. Write a business plan with BizPlanBuilder and be at the top of your game armed with an extraordinary sales document to back you up for every deal.

The newest version has been reinvented & updated, plus the new online version of this proven business planning software system enables unlimited collaboration.

It gives business owners and entrepreneurs the most comprehensive, yet flexible and easy-to-use business plan software system to organize their ideas, make respectable projections and present their vision.

It’s the fastest and easiest way of turning your ideas into a investment-grade business plan and a successful business. Proven with banks, SBA, angel investors, and venture capitalists worldwide.

+ Over 2,000,000 copies sold
+ More financing successes than any other
+ PC World’s “Best Buy”
+ Used in 150+ business schools worldwide
+ 30+ years constant refinement
+ Professionally formatted
+ Windows / Macintosh.
+ Downloadable / Online

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