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The first written section of the business plan is the Executive Summary this is a summary of the key points and areas of the business plan and is many times judged to be the most important section of the business plan. In the executive summary, the content presents the company and describes what it does. In the executive summary, briefly explain the company’s product(s) and / or service(s) and why the business will be successful. As in the Plug-n-Plan™ template, the executive summary should be at the beginning of the document. As the first section, it should give the reader, either management, partners, investors, lenders or other interested parties a nice high-level review of what the overall business encompasses and the strategies it will follow. What is in the executive summary should be addressed in depth throughout the remainder of the business plan.
The summary should:
• Touch on the sections and content that will be detailed in the business plan, to give an overall understanding of what will follow.
• Be captivating, but not overly puffy, as to encourage the reader to want to get deeper into each section and read the whole plan.
• Make the main points about who, how and what the company is and does.
Given the fact that the executive summary is the at the front of the business plan, usually read first and encapsulates sections from the whole document, it becomes a key component of the business plan and as such needs to be strong and crisp. Pull in the reader by encompassing the main points of the business, but just give them highpoints, so that they are enticed to read the rest of the document.
A sub-heading in the executive summary is the financial summary. Here in the business plan, it is common to show the financial highlights for the company over the next few years of operation. Many times, a chart is used as seen in the sample content in the Plug-n-Plan™ business plan template. Financial outlooks such as revenue, expenses and profit are charted as seen in the Plug-n-Plan™ template sample content.
The next sub-heading in the executive summary is the mission statement. The mission statement is a short declaration of who the company is, what it provides and its beliefs. The overall philosophy of what the company advocates can be addressed in the mission statement.
Finally, in the executive summary are objectives. Objectives for a company are clearly defined targets that are set by management or business owners. The marks the company intends to hit by executing on strategies in the plan are written here. Listing company objectives helps to give management and all stakeholders a clear perspective on what targets the company expects to pursue. These targets do not have to be only financial. Looking at and reviewing objectives can give a means for a company to track growth and reflect on how the company is doing based on what it stated it would do. Objectives should take into account the desires of all those involved with the company.
Using the Plug-n-Plan™ template to write an executive summary, can be done by simply finding the Yellow Highlighted space on the page and entering your company name. There is also a Blue highlighted space where you can type in the location on where you will be providing services. If you would like to use the template content as a guide and make changes to the writing to best suit your exact business, you can do that as well. You are welcome to stay with the written content the template supplies if it suitable for your company.
Using the Plug-n-Plan™ template, the next page has a chart which provides a financial summary of the company’s next few years of operations. This chart highlights total income and net income. After you have customized the financial statements for your specific company, you want to return to this chart and make change so that they match your new financial statements. By right clicking this chart, a pop out will appear the pop out will give you several options, you want to scroll down to edit data or edit data in Excel and the data table will appear. Once you are in the table, type in and make the necessary changes to the figures.
The Plug-n-Plan™ template provides a mission statement. Users are welcome to use the statement as is if it will work for their specific company or change it if needed to match up to their exact operation.
The Plug-n-Plan™ template also provides some sample / example Objectives for a company in the industry. Users are welcome to use them as is if it will work for their specific company or change it if needed to match up to their exact operation.
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