Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Template With Instructions and Example

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Template With Instructions and Example

A Complete Template For Quickly And Easily Creating A Working BCP; including Step-By-Step Business Impact Analysis, Risk Assessment, Disaster Recovery Planning, and more!

You do not need to spend ,000’s for consultants or fancy software. This is perfect for small businesses and limited budgets. Includes ready to use editable template.

Business Resilience Means “Be Prepared”. Don’t Let Your Business And Your Customers Suffer Because Of An Unforeseen Disaster.

A BCP will enable you to plan ahead, because you want to stay in business in the event that an unforeseen disaster or emergency happens that interrupts your business operations. In situations such as this, you want to know clearly what needs to be done to keep business running. You need to be prepared so that panic does not cause you to make inappropriate and ineffective decisions which will hurt your business.

The BCP plan provides a clear roadmap of what to do, when to do it, and who needs to do it. Having this plan in place will give you a valuable tool to guide you through the disaster and provide peace of mind knowing what to do to keep your business running.

The template can be customized to your specific needs and provides for documentation of:

Section I – Plan Overview and Contact Information

1. Plan Summary
2. Plan Approval
3. BCP Leadership Roles and Responsibilities
4. Internal Contact Information
5. External Contact Information (Customers)
6. External Contact Information (Suppliers and Business Service Providers)
7. Utilities and Facilities Services
8. Financial Services Contact Information
9. Regulatory Agency Contact Information
10. Critical Records and Systems
11. Backup Locations
12. Backup Service Provider and Supplier Information
13. Emergency Services Contact Information

Section II – Business Risk Assessment and Impact Evaluation

14A. Business Process Risk Evaluation
14B. Business Process Disruption Impact Evaluation

Section III – Pre-Emergency Planning

15. Risk Mitigation
16. Emergency Materials and Supplies

Section IV – BCP Plan Activation and Implementation

17. Plan Activation
18. Plan Implementation

Section V – BCP Plan Deactivation and Restoration of Normal Operations

19. BCP Plan Deactivation
20. Return To Normal Operations

Section VI – BCP Plan Testing

Section VII – BCP Plan Maintenance

Section VIII – Appendices / Attachments

NEW Material for 2nd Edition:

BCP Essentials (Key Requirements for Effective BCPs, Common Mistakes and What To Watch Out For)

Personal Emergency Plan For Yourself and Your Family

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Template With Instructions and Example

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