bookkeeping for small business tutorial part 2 – invoice template – bookkeeping training

bookkeeping for small business tutorial part 2 – invoice template – bookkeeping trainingThis is a free video tutorial for small business bookkeeping – part 2 – open office calc spreadsheets – invoice template design.

In this 2nd bookkeeping, the tutorial will focus on designing a custom invoice template. We will design the invoice template from a blank spreadsheet document, the goal is not only to design a custom invoice but also give you a better understanding of how to layout documents using Open Office Calc.

We will also add a business logo, business address, business phone number, unique invoice number, invoice date, customer billing details, customer delivery details, line items (the work you did for a customer), invoice total amount, payment terms and finally your business registration details. This invoice template will work in tandem with your invoice tracker which we created in the first tutorial.

In the final tutorial will create a spreadsheet to track your business expenditure.

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