Best Free CRM For Small Business (Google Gmail CRM)

Best Free CRM For Small Business (Google Gmail CRM)Did you know the best Free CRM for Small Business is Streak? I love Streak because it is the only free Customer relationship management software that works within Google Gmail. If you’re like me, your small business literally runs through email tasks on a daily basis.

What could be more genius than having the CRM built within Google Gmail? No wonder this Streak software won Google’s 2018 Technology Partner of the Year.

Streak is a fully integrated CRM and deep, powerful integration with all of G Suite – Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Sheets. I love it and my business has had a massive improvement since using it.

0:00 Introduction to Free CRM for Small Business
0:15 What is CRM (customer relationship management)?
1:25 Why Streak is the best free CRM software
1:58 How Google & Streak CRM for small business works
6:00 CRM for small business within Gmail
8:20 how CRM pipelines work
11:04 How to get inbox zero with CRM
12:25 Knowing emails are seen
12:55 Streak CRM for Gmail review

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Some of the benefits I brink out in this tutorial include:
It takes away the pain of making emails into tasks
Automate and suggests how to organise all emails into usable tasks as a CRM
Can be used for teams as well if you want to grow
Using your contacts area it holds full details, attachments all correspondence etc
Helps you focus on one task at a time
Streak is as easy as using a spreadsheet
Integrates with everything that is Google and sits within Gmail

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