Agile Project Management: A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management: A Complete Beginner's Guide To Agile Project Management

In understanding methodologies and agile project management, we look at the different techniques in which you can successfully develop management skills. As you know, it is quite important to adopt a multifaceted approach when it comes to management, to get your job done in a facile manner.

Agile methodology is a multifaceted approach that finds its application in many different fields and can be considered an umbrella concept. Right from engineering to IT to business management, there are many areas where one can effectively apply the ideologies of agile management. Once you go through the book, you will understand how easy it is for you to adopt and utilize it to enhance your business.

The agile management technique focuses on four main aspects, namely – effective communication with clients/parties, delivering a work application, collaborating with clients and changing up the scope of work.

All of these need to be controlled and managed in order to enhance productivity. That is exactly where this book comes into play.

In the course of this book, you will learn how to:

  • Understanding the iterative learning process
  • Learning about the agile software development techniques
  • The scope of management
  • Meaning and features of agile manifesto
  • Dynamic system development model and its applications
  • The phases of the Atern project
  • Understanding of the scrum theory
  • Sprint reviews and sprint retrospectives
  • Service designs and transitions
  • Service operations
  • Lean development principles
  • Operational level management techniques
  • Steps to enhance focus

Agile management basically focuses on enhancing communication within the organizational structure to ensure that you remain with free flowing ideologies. It is a good way to increase your productivity while managing your work environment. The book focuses on understanding each and every element by breaking it down to the simplest form. The concepts are explained in such a way that they allow you to implement them in your work life. You can go through the concepts in detail to understand each and every aspect of it. There is no limit to its application and you can mold it into any shape or form of your choice. You can pass a copy of the book to all your employees so that they can understand what it takes to partake in agile management of business. You can also consider holding a seminar or a book reading session where everybody can interpret their ideologies in their own way.

Using the information provided in the book, you can implement agile management in your day-to-day life; whether it is work or personal life. So what are you waiting for – start reading right away!

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