24 Hour Business Plan Template: How to Validate Your Startup Ideas and Plan Your Business Venture

24 Hour Business Plan Template: How to Validate Your Startup Ideas and Plan Your Business Venture

Writing a business plan should be simple, dynamic, and straightforward.

More importantly, it must be a FUNCTIONAL tool that advances you forward towards your goals — rather than holding you back due to endless tinkering and perfecting of your plan without taking action.

Enter the 24 Hour Business Plan Template, your functional tool to get you there as efficiently as possible. This is a complete guide that includes a downloadable pre-formatted business plan template and cash flow spreadsheet to help you get started.

In the book, I lay out the method I personally used to plan my own business – and in doing so, leave my full-time job and start my business on a full-time basis within seven months. My plan itself was constructed in under 24 hours on January 1, 2015 as my new years resolution; the remainder of the time spent was executing this plan over time. In the book you’ll learn how to do the same, or close to it at the very least – and you’ll begin to understand why this efficiency in the beginning is so important.

To reiterate, it’s important to get to the action-taking phase as soon as possible. This cannot be overstated enough. Successful entrepreneurs and authors like Eric Ries, Gabriel Weinberg, and Justin Mares tout this very principle in their books The Lean Startup and Traction — the simple fact is, it’s much easier to make progress by taking action and adapting over time vs. trying to get everything perfect the first time around.

Too much time can be spent getting stuck in your head due to information paralysis or perfectionism, only to wake up one day realizing you’ve actually done nothing concrete at all to advance your goals. Don’t be this person! Get up out of your chair and take action to make your goals happen.

Realize that it may take several iterations of creating a business plan, or cycling through various ideas, before you feel confident in moving forward with one in particular. This is okay — and in fact, it’s the exact reason why you need to be efficient during the initial planning and evaluation stage. Much better to spent one or two weeks cycling through 5-10 ideas than an entire year getting nowhere.

In this book, we’ll cover the following topics:

-The importance of validation, and how to validate your business idea.
-The key elements of designing an amazing cover page for your business plan.
-How to write an executive summary, and why it must be written last after everything else.
-The proper elements that make up your Company Objectives section.
-The right approach to laying out your Products & Services section.
-How to setup a target customer profile including the right questions to ask.
-Websites and tables that will greatly simplify your industry and competitor analyses.
-Several possibilities for getting started with sales and marketing, and the difference between each.
-The key elements that will comprise your operational plan and any business logistics.
-What roles need to be defined in your Management section.
-The preferred formats and metrics to use in your business capitalization (initial funding) section.
-How to lay out your financial plan, both for your business and your personal finances.

Please know fat was trimmed from every section of this book to ensure you can get through it and understand the key principles quickly and move on to actually creating your own plan. Only the critical elements were left in, with additional explanation added at key junctions to ensure comprehension.

Whether you’re venturing out for your first time as an entrepreneur, or you’re a seasoned veteran looking for a no-nonsense way to manage the planning process for your next venture, 24 Hour Business Plan Template belongs on your tool belt.

24 Hour Business Plan Template: How to Validate Your Startup Ideas and Plan Your Business Venture


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