1. Start with the Executive Summary:
An executive summary is an extract of the business plan that you are going to draft. By writing the executive summary first, it will force you obtain a clear picture of the business plan objective and then you’ll draft a good business plan.

2. Next, Comes the Investment Opportunity:
The investment opportunity is the one place where you will talk about in detail about the opportunity your unique idea will give the investors, who are looking to invest in up and coming entrepreneurs, a sound knowledge as to what they will gain from this partnership.

3. Now Talk About the Revenue Model:
Explain in detail how your business idea or expansion idea is unique. Identify all direct sources of income under this heading and any other indirect sources of income. Hiring Business Plan Experts in UAE will allow you to streamline the drafting of the business plan.

4. Do a Market Analysis:
Do a full market analysis identifying any gaps in the market where your product or service will be successful. Also, identify all the marketing strategies you will employ to ensure that your company’s image is recognized and spread.

5. Show Future Projections:
Nothing speaks confidence than adding a future goal to your business. If possible show a projection or a sales forecast of about 3 years. This will not only show that you are planning for the long term, but also display that you have worked out all the contingencies.

6. Financials:
Show the financials in terms of balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement to further portray your credibility and thought the process to the person reading the business plan.

7. Talk about your business goal in the short term and the long term. Where do you see your company in the next two years of operation will be a short term goal. However, where you see the company ten years down the line will be a long term goal. Business Plan Writing Help in Dubai, UAE will not only help you identify and fix any loopholes in the business model or plan, but also take help make the business plan strong enough that it’ll get the attention it deserves.

8. End with Conclusion:
The conclusion will be the final part of the business plan and is also the most important. It needs to clearly identify what in brief what the business plan talked about. It needs to present solid evidence that your business idea is worth investing and that the readers didn’t waste their time reading the plan.

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